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Are you going into the Military? We can help you prepare for the ASVAB as well!!

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Start Preparing NOW for the SAT or the ACT!!!  The SAT will be around the First Saturday of November and the first Saturday of December.

Our goal and motto are simple:  
Achieving Excellence Together


Since we opened our Learning Center in Miami Florida in 2002, Formatec has been helping students fulfill their potential, surpass goals and excel in learning. In 2016 we opened our Doors in North Carolina and we have the same goal of educational success for Durham!!  We are able to provide math and reading tutoring through our personalized and proven system, working hand-in-hand with our Certified Teachers and Teacher's Assistants for the most efficient learning.  We offer SAT, EOG and EOC practice at all locations.  This will be our first year for Summer Camp in our Durham location!!


Formatec Learning Center provides One-On-One Tutoring in Math, Reading and Test Prep.  We also provide Homework and HOMESCHOOLING help for all Grades!!

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are Certified Teachers that have gone through all needed training to help your student succeed.

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​How many hours of training do you need to be a great Basketball or Football player?

How many hours of practice does it take to be a great pianist?

​​You need the same amount of hours or MORE to be Successful in Math and Reading!!

Why Tutoring??.

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